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Need anything?

Get it from someone
who's already there.

Peer-to-peer is now

Need something from nearby?

Tap into your community to connect with local AKíerswho are checked-in at stores, restaurants, and all the businesses you love.

Local is stronger...

Everyone benefits with Community Commerce™ and AKí AKí provides accessible delivery options to from almost anywhere to almost anyone.

Who's there?

See where locals are checked-in and request they bring something back to you.

Now or later?

Get what you want fast from someone already there or request that they bring it to you later.

How much?

Customers and drivers set their own fees to ensure the right price for everyone, every time.

Turn errands into earnings.

Akíers™ are any community's most helpful heroes.
If you love shopping, gig-driving, or just helping people out, apply today - right here.

Check in

Tell your community where you are, how long you'll be there, and how much you're charging.

Drop off

Easily connect with your neighbors to drop off their goodies.

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